Unlocking the three pillars of partnerships


Exposure Valuation

Brand exposure valued on its ability to impact consumer recall and consideration

Turnstile has evolved Exposure measurement by understanding the impact and effectiveness of brand exposures on fans, rather than just the number of exposures.

The Turnstile Impact Impact Study measures the effectiveness of various sponsorship inventory types against the goal of driving brand consideration. Every sport and entertainment territory is broadcast differently so bespoke Impact Studies are completed for each territory.

Using optimised artificial intelligence, Turnstile accurately captures brand logos and exposure durations, whilst simultaneously classifying inventory types attributed to that exposure.

Once the brand exposure impact and durations are understood, Turnstile applies global signage rates to determine an overall exposure value.

The resulting valuations align more closely to real market rates rather than fanciful media equivalency calculations. It’s a game changer for accuracy and authenticity of pricing.


Intellectual Property Valuation

Putting a price on IP based on consumer equity and the true number of engaged fans

Turnstile’s Market Sizing is a proven methodology used to accurately measure the global fan bases of sport and entertainment properties.

To quantify the value of sponsorship IP, Turnstile researches fans in 20 markets representing over 80% of the world’s GDP, which we know are the focus markets of major brands worldwide.

Our database of global contracts benchmarks the actual price paid for Intellectual Property rights, calculates a cost-per-fan rate. By clearly quantifying the value of IP, rights holders can broaden the dialogue away from just exposure metrics and build tangible deals that reflect non-exposure asset value for buyer and seller.


Benefits Valuation

Real-world pricing of contracted benefits available on the open market

A powerful lever to pull in any sponsorship deal is the wide array of direct benefits available... from tickets and hospitality to advertising and fan database access. All have a measurable market value, and Turnstile has an unrivalled global repository of rate cards to help put a fair price on these benefits.

No more guesswork, just quantifiable value to help you tailor the perfect deal.