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Formula 1®.

It’s the world’s fastest sport, where global heavyweights gather for 21 races a year from Monaco to China, from traditional broadcast to esports streams, from the paddock to the podium… Formula 1 is an irresistible proposition to sponsors.

In 2017, The Formula 1® team was looking for a measurement system to capture the full value of sponsorship. Turnstile was engaged to provide real-world valuations of Formula 1®’s major partners, taking into account the tangible value of direct benefits, IP and exposure. F1 and their partners liked what they saw, and Turnstile has been reappointed for the 2018 season.

“Turnstile immediately struck a chord with the way we want to shape the conversation with our commercial partners and teams moving forward. We believe in a more meaningful measurement of a sponsorship, rather than discussing pure visibility and TV numbers, as this tells us nothing about the real audience and engagement of fans. Turnstile is allowing us to clearly demonstrate the real value of an association with F1, whilst also helping us identify new opportunities to grow our commercial program.“

Murray Barnett
Head of Global Sponsorships and Commercial Partnerships for Formula 1®


Rugby World Cup

The ‘game the play in heaven’ has always attracted blue-chip sponsors, and the appeal and breadth of Rugby Union continues to grow globally.

World Rugby wanted to understand the future sponsorship value of its Men’s and Women’s World Cups, so they got Turnstile involved.

“As Rugby continues to grow as a global proposition, we were seeking a methodology that captures the full value of the Rugby World Cup. While the global reach of the events is massive, we believe that the value of the Rugby World Cup is far more than just exposure. The unique values of Rugby - integrity, respect, solidarity, passion, discipline - resonate globally and we liked the Turnstile approach to capturing our intellectual property value.

We believe that Turnstile’s methodology will better reflect the value being generated by the Women’s component of Rugby. Women’s Rugby is a strong differentiator for our sport and its audience is growing. It already has tremendous goodwill amongst our fans and we want to properly capture this engagement in our valuations.”

Tom Hill
Chief Commercial Officer, outlined World Rugby’s decision to appoint Turnstile