Turnstile was developed and is managed by Gemba, a high end consultancy providing insight and strategy to the global sport & entertainment industry.

After more than ten years valuing literally hundreds of sponsorship assets for buyers and sellers, Gemba was seeing consistent issues arising around the lack of accurate pricing benchmarks in the industry. Frustration was growing as rights holders and brands sought to move from beyond just exposure measurement to understanding the full value of sponsorships.

Gemba assigned a cross-market project team to develop a methodology that provided a holistic valuation of sponsorship that could be trusted by both buyers and sellers. The development process required the completion of several global studies as wells as detailed analysis of hundreds of sponsorship contracts across 25 markets.

The first study was research into how consumers recalled brand exposure during sporting events and the resultant impact on brand consideration. Multiple sports were involved, in recognition of broadcasting differences and the diversity of brand logo exposure. This study allowed Gemba to weigh the various types of logo exposure based on their effectiveness in driving brand consideration.

The second study involved research across 20 markets to develop a methodology to value the intellectual property of sponsorship assets. This research ultimately allows the Turnstile platform to compare the relative value of intellectual property across sponsorships, using an algorithm that incorporates fan engagement and purchase propensity metrics.

Turnstile puts the power of the data into your hands.